commercial hire purchase.png

Commercial Hire Purchase

An agreement is in place between you (asset hirer) and the financier (asset owner). In return for regular repayments, you take possession of the asset. Once the final payment is made, you take full possession of the asset. There is no end to the type of asset you can purchase. There is no deposit required and the financier tailors repayment to suit your cash flow

Finance Lease

Finance Lease

An agreement is in place between you (lessee) and the financier (lessor), where the financier owns the assets but you, in return for regular payments, get to enjoy the full asset benefit. Again, like commercial hire purchase, your options are quite broad with no end to the type of asset. No deposit is required and at the end of the agreement, you can payout the residual or hand the asset back to the financier.

chattel mortgage.png

Chattel Mortgage

The chattel mortgage is a bit different than the two options above. The easiest way to explain it is that you own the asset and you make monthly repayments of the principal plus interest. You claim all of the GST upfront (contact me to learn what this means). Like the other two facilities, repayment can be structured to suite your business needs. Many small business owners commonly arrange this facility for business machinery and for other types of asset.

novated lease.png

Novated Lease

This is an agreement that is in place between you (lessee) and the financier (lessor). This is easiest explained through an example. Let's take a scenario where your employer is happy to make the car loan repayments for the vehicle. As part of the novated lease arrangement, your employer enters into an agreement to make the car loan repayments on your behalf. The repayment amount is then taken out of your gross salary, which gives you a tax advantage because your taxable income is now reduced by the car loan repayments. Hence, you pay less tax. The full price of the vehicle must be financed with a residual payment that fits within the Australian Tax Office guidelines.

new vehicle buying services.png

New Vehicle Buying Services

Vehicle purchases are one of the biggest purchases you will make. Vehicle buying services allow you to purchase a vehicle hassle free. You can avoid those annoying sales pitches and pushy car sales personal. The hard work is done for you. You let us know your preferences and likes, then we will get the best options available in the market and you make your choice.

insurance premium funding.png

Insurance Premium Funding

This permits your business to finance their annual insurance premiums. It permits the financing of cancellable insurance and non-cancellable insurance, such as workers compensation insurance. This aids a business in increasing its cash flow as there is no outlay of large amounts of cash for insurance coverage, yet still making sure that your business insurance needs are covered and paid for.